Endowed with some of the most unique natural and meteorological conditions in the world, Fuerteventura is an authentic paradise for lovers of water sports in all its variants. Its generous eternal spring climate, the waves that lap the shores, the summer trade winds and its warm waters, combined with more than 3000 hours of sunshine a year and 150 km of extraordinary beaches, make up an exclusive and exceptional destination for lovers of the sea and nature.


popup1-icoSurfing 365 days / year

The island is known as the “European Hawaii” or the “Surf Mecca”thanks to its never-ending spots of perfect waves that challengeprofessionals and tempt amateurs. There is no other place in Europewith so many waves of renowned quality to practice surfing. Surferscan choose between spectacular beaches of white sand with smallwaves, and big wild waves for those that are most daring. InFuerteventura there is a beach for everybody.


popup2-icoKitesurfing & Windsurfing

Fuerteventura’s spots and conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding,definitely stand out among the best in the world. The constant winds and variety of beaches to choose from work as a magnet to attract riders from all levels, whether to improve, practice, compete or simply enjoy thedisciplines.

If you are inferested in learning any of these sports feel free to ask for a quotation. We work with the best windsurf and kitesurf schools in North Fuerteventura.

Kitesurfing 2 day beginner course – 230€

Windsurfing 3 day beginner course – 140€


SUP (Stand up paddle)

SUP is an ancient sport that has been practiced by Hawaiian kings centuries ago. In the recent years it has increased in popularity and has found its ideal destination in Fuerteventura. People of all ages can enjoy it, standing up on a board with an oar, with unbeatable views of the bays of calm waters whilst they glideover the sea.

SUP trip to Lobos island – 60€


Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Fuerteventura has amazing seabeds, rich fauna and clear waters to submerge yourself into a wonderful world of live colours and volcanic formations that make you experience the Atlantic Ocean with a sense of nature in its pure state. In this fusion of turquoise waters and extravagant rocky formations you can find some authentic submarine treasures.


Great food and culture

The island of Fuerteventura is the bearer of a cultural heritage that is distant andnear at the same time and that remains in each of the island’s corners. From the old settlers, the engravings, archaeological sites and place-names thatare present everywhere. From the colonial heritage, manor houses, enchanting churches, chapels,lighthouses and mills.

Fuerteventura dishes have a taste of salt, sea and pasture of Majorera goats. Thepopular kid goat and goat’s meat, fish in all styles, the traditional gofio and thepotatoes, wrinkled or roasted, are present at very get-together.


Direct low-cost flights

Fuerteventura international airport is directly connected with majority of european capitals. Flight duration is around 3-6 hours and prices as low as 100-300 E return.

Check out our flight locator for the best deals on flights.


Cheap car rental from 10 euro / day

During our surf camp we will provide you with every day transport to the beach. We can also organise a return airport transfer for you and your friends.

If you want to be totally independent go ahead and rent a car. You will get a Chance to discover true beauty on this Island in its fullness.

Car rental prices vary from month to month but in low season they get as low as 10 euro / day.


Best climate in the world

More than 3,000 hours of sunshine and constant temperatures throughout the year make Fuerteventura’s weather an enviable pleasure. Its proximity to the Sahara desert, the absence of high mountains, the sea that surrounds it and the Canary Island current, result in very mild temperatures, and the absence of very high mountains dissipate allclouds and rainfall from the landscape.

The sea temperature, varies between 19 to 24 degrees, and invites you to swim at any time. Sunbathing and having a swim in the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of winter, is not a dream in Fuerteventura but a daily reality.

Temperatures Average Temp. Average Temp. Average Temp.
Max. *C Min. *C Monthly (*C)
January  23.2  10.9  17.5
February  24.7 11.2 17.9
March  27.0 11.8 18.6
April  27.4 12.8  19.3
May  28.5  14.3  20.6
June  29.4  17.0  22.2
July  32.5  18.6  23.9
August  32.6  19.4  24.3
September  30.5  18.0  23.8
October  29.4  16.1  22.4
November  28.9  13.3  20.5
December  24.6  12.0  18.5


Great place for couples

Are you thinking of coming here with your partner? That’s a great idea. We can offer you a private room only for the two of you. Corralejo is a beautiful town with a laid back vibe, lots of nice cafes, bars and romantic italian restaurants.

During your stay you will get a chance to have a romantic walk on one of our beautiful beaches, witness one million bright stars during the night, walk along one of the trekking routes and experience many other outdoor activities together.


Amazing night life and people

Most of the Fuerteventura nightlife takes place in Corralejo, the main tourist resort in the north of the island. The town is not very big but it is still well-stocked of bars and restaurants for every taste. Below you will find a list of our favorite bars and discos

Banana Bar (Corralejo) – Open daily from 11.00 to 3.00 Evening meeting of the surfers who gather to drink cheap beer and watch surf videos. It is located on the terrace of a building on the seafront of Corralejo. To find it just spot the images projected on the building in front.

Flicks – Open daily from 20.00 to 2.00 It is the most popular karaoke bar in Corralejo. It’s’ an English-style pub always crowded with tourists. Great for a pre-event to the 2.00 before going to Waikiki.

Kiwi Bar – Open daily from 19.00 to 2.00 Other popular bar with music rnb, and Latin.

Waikiki Beach Club – Open daily from 9.00 to 6.00 Waikiki Beach Club is a snack bar, restaurant and disco-pub: from 3 until dawn this restaurant turns into a nightclub and remains the only place open, in which all young people flock to dance until closing.